Corfu, GR – 9C
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What’s around Kapetanios Studios

  • Issos Beach – 13 min walk
  • Lake Korission – 34 min walk
  • Boukari Beach – 5.8 mi / 9.3 km
  • Ancient Roman Baths – 7.3 mi / 11.7 km
  • Lefkimmi Port – 10.7 mi / 17.2 km
  • Kavos Beach – 11.5 mi / 18.6 km
  • Corfu Shell Museum – 11.8 mi / 18.9 km
  • Arkoudilas Beach – 12.9 mi / 20.8 km
  • Achilleion – 13.5 mi / 21.7 km
  • Agios Gordios Beach – 14.3 mi / 23 km

Issos Beach

Issos is a huge sandy beach surrounded by Chalikounas at the north, the beach of Saint George at the south, and Korission lake at the east.
It is one of the best Corfiot beaches, belongs to the village of Chlomos, about 20 km from Corfu town on the west side of the island.
Ιn terms of tourist exploitation it remains virgin because it belongs, along with neighboring Halikounas, to the protected “natura” area of Korission lagoon.
Between Issos and Chalikounas there is a small cedar forest next to Korission lake, on a narrow strip of land joining the two beaches.On Issos beach there are umbrellas and sunbeds and because of the open sea, there are permanent waves making it ideal for surfing and sailing.


Lake Korission

Lake Korission, sometimes called Lake Korisia is in the south west of Corfu island not far from Gardiki and about a 45 minute car ride from the capital Kerkyra.
The Lake is over 5km long from one end to the other and roughly 1.5km across as its widest point making it around 24 square kilometres in area, naturally this means that Lake Korission is home to a vast amount of both native and migrating birds including, seagulls, Owls, buzzards, swallows and if you’re lucky, flamingos.Lake Korission is the perfect place for a long walk but remember to bring supplies with you as there are no facilities other than those on the beach and if you’re walking in the summer you will definitely need some refreshments.
Getting to the lake can be tricky as there is no tarmac road but there is a decent dirt track that’s not too difficult in the average hire car. If you want to stay close to Lake Korission then your best choice is Agios Georgios south.
Right next to the lake is the fabulous Halikounas beach so it’s great to combine the two together and spend the rest of the day relaxing on the beach or trying out some kite surfing.